Blue - the colour of summer

The colour blue

What is your favourite colour - and why ?

Colour can mean different things to different people , and can have an effect on our emotions.For me , blue is the colour of summer . Blue is know to be a serene and calming colour . Light baby blue is peaceful , whilst dark blue can signify depth and power.

Have you heard of the concept of biophilic design ? The word biophilia means love of living things. Nature design makes us feel good because people are born with the connection to nature, and humans are attracted to all that is alive and vital .

Five to twenty minutes in a biophilic environment can trigger a positive restorative response. These reactions are swift, automatic and unconscious.



Blue accessories

Discover our Hettie accessories in the blue palette of our Spa collection . Beautifully British lifestyle accessories by Hettie in shades of blue and neutrals.

Hettie have a range of luxury phone , ipad and cosmetic cases along with some lovely hair bobbles , scarves and hats to accessorise your look.

All available in the stunning colour palettes of our trinity of collections - Woodland , Spa , and Riverside.

Vitamin Sea

Did you know that sea air has health benefits ? The negative ions in ocean air accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen, and balance your seratonin levels, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. Which is why we all feel more alert, relaxed and energised after a beach holiday .

Read about our Hettie holidays to Ibiza and Crete , and feel some Vitamin Sea on your faces

Holborn Taupe and loch heather

Designed in a chic boutique style and rounded with subtle art deco influences, our Hettie Holborn Taupe option features eye-catching geometric and textured patterns all woven with a soft and silky Lambswool handle. Created in a uniquely opulent colour palette including hues of Teal and Taupe.

And our Loch Heather option with it’s beautiful heather tones with blues and greys is a stunning combination and perfect for our Hettie Collections. This gorgeous wool fabric has a muted melange palette . The design and the soft colours conjure up the feeling of the Scottish Lowlands and Highlands.


Its all in the details

The little details are important .

Our Hettie iPhone and iPad sleeves are fastened with a pretty rope and glass button . Glass fusing is defined as the technique of joining two or more pieces of glass by heat in a kiln.The colours and textures that can transform in the kiln means that no two pieces are ever the same.

The history of fused glass art begins roughly three and a half millennia ago, in ancient Egypt. It was by the shores of the Nile that artisans first discovered a way to produce coloured glass objects through a mixture of silica, fluxes, and a variety of oxides melted at temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees Celsius.

Spa collection

Hettie’s Spa Collection - create serenity and contemplation

A beautiful collection inspired by our local spa town of Leamington Spa , and the wonderful towns and villages of the Cotswolds nearby .

Stunning architecture ,  wide boulevards , regency details and doors , and the famous honey or golden glow of the stone architecture have inspired our palette for this collection. It  also reminds us of the spa buildings that provide space for relaxation and recuperation.

Cotwsold stone is famous for it's honey or golden glow , but did you know the colour of the stone varies depending where it was quarried ? Moving towards the centre of the Cotswold area the stone becomes more golden , and by the time you reach Bath in the south , it is a creamy-white colour with grey hues.

Our Spa Collection contains calming and soothing blues, promoting serenity and contemplation in your home and on our lifestyle accessories for your everyday life. 




Inspired by nature

Blue is all around us in nature , especially this time of year . Blue sky , and blue seas are just what the doctor ordered to nourish our souls and make us feel more alive.

Our Hettie collections have been inspired by the wonderful things we see around us every day , and reflect the tones and colours found in our beautiful English countryside .

“All colours arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible, while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract.” – Yves Klein


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