From Our Family to Yours

Much is being discussed at the moment about climate change and sustainabilty.

Here at Hettie we believe it is time to start thinking about the world around us and at everything we do. We are all guilty of having too much "stuff " and wasting too much .

The philosophy "Buy less , choose well , make it last " is very true.

The wool that we use in many of our products has a lot of environmental benefits and is a wonderfully friendly fabric . You can read more about it's benefits below. The sheep are well cared for also and there is traceability throughout the supply chain.

Hettie are also members of The Campaign For Wool - Patron HRH The Prince of Wales.Live naturally and choose wool.





We have recently introduced some new British made cotton canvas fabrics into our collections

Read the environment statement from British Millerain here 

And the quality guarantee from Temple Moyle here



The Hettie collections are Made in Britian.

Everything is produced in safe working environments by workers who are looked after properly . There are no long journeys across the sea or air to get your products to you either which reduces our carbon footprint .

Hettie is committed to creating products that stand the test of time.

The planet and the country can't withstand the current manufacturing model. By offering a new solution to the current waste coming out of the industry, we at Hettie are doing what we can to ensure the products we create, stand the test of time and become a valued possession to our customer, not just another throwaway purchase.

Let’s all think about the wonderful world in which we live and preserve it for future generations. We need to leave our planet for them as we found it .

Our collections have been inspired by the wonderful things we see around us everyday. Classic British accessories, inspiredby our local British landscape. All of the materials used reflect the natural colour tones found within the British countryside.

HELP US TO make sure that this glorious environment is here for a long time to come.


You can read a bit more about our brand and ethos below.