Hettie for Lord Ralf in Sweden


We have been working with the lovely people at Lord Ralf in Sweden over the last year or so , and they have been selling our Hettie Pet Collection in their store there.

After chatting with us , they asked if we would collaborate with them on a special Hettie / Lord Ralf Mulberry collection and we have been delighted to work with them on this . Lisa and Henrik chose a stunning Mulberry tartan fabric for the products and the team at Hettie co-ordinated this with a lovely green spot lining and khaki coloured binding.

So happy with the result which has been handcrafted with care by our production team.

Here's a little bit more about Lord Ralf from Sweden by the owners Henrik and Lisa.
"Lord Ralf - well, we stumbled across a blue-tan frenche, who stole our hearts with snoring & somewhat a bit lack of manners & thinking power....
But - never the less, he was our Ralf.
We bought him a square foot of land in Scotland - and he was Lord Ralf.
(Yes, he's the one on the pictures)
In the meantime, our current business (bathrooms & hardware) was extended with a branch of dog items. It seemed logical - same passionate manufacturing : small scale manufacturing, genuine hand made, in UK. Asian products banned - our clients should know & trust that they buy good honest things, made of grown up skilled workers, with a good stomach feel.
"Lord Ralf" was the best way we could describe this concept."

Welcome to Hettie for Lord Ralf !





The Mulberry Pet Collection

Our classic pet collection has been given a lovely makeover !

The Mulberry ancient tartan fabric looks amazing on the collection. Woven in Scotland , this beautiful multicoloured plaid wool fabric has green, red, muted orange, brown, and blue in the pattern.

A classic dog coat , harness and collar and lead set , plus bow tie for dapper dogs has been joined by a matching bow tie for the humans who want to look as good as their companions on a walk together. Twinning is winning !

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