THE SPA        

The Hettie collections have been inspired by the wonderful things we see around us everyday . Classic British accessories, inspired by our local British landscape. All of the materials used reflect the natural colour tones found within the British countryside. For country style living with high quality, luxury accessories inspired by nature.

Help contribute to more sustainable living and care for the planet for future generations




Spa Collection - create serenity and contemplation

A beautiful collection inspired by our local spa town of Leamington Spa , and the wonderful towns and villages of the Cotswolds nearby .

Stunning architecture ,  wide boulevards , regency details and doors , and the famous honey or golden glow of the stone architecture have inspired our palette for this collection. It  also reminds us of the spa buildings that provide space for relaxation and recuperation.

Cotwsold stone is famous for it's honey or golden glow , but did you know the colour of the stone varies depending where it was quarried ? Moving towards the centre of the Cotswold area the stone becomes more golden , and by the time you reach Bath in the south , it is a creamy-white colour with grey hues.

Our Spa Collection contains calming and soothing blues, promoting serenity and contemplation in your home and on our lifestyle accessories for your everyday life.