Making our Hettie Collection

Would you like to know know a little bit more about how your Hettie products are made ? 

 We recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kate Hills of Make it British for her fantastic podcast series , highlighting british Made manufacturing and brands. The series is well worth listening to , and you can hear our episode by clicking on this link :

 The team at Hettie have designed and created the Hettie Collection together . Everything is handmade and incorporates the finest quality materials 



Here is a little insight into what goes into creating your Hettie products .


Once we have an order , the buying and sourcing starts for the fabric and trims if we need to go into production .


Depending on how large the order is this can take time if something is out of stock , but we have some great suppliers who are always really helpful , and back up stock at the factory.


It was important to us to make our Hettie Collection here in Britain. We have a fantastic team at VGTec in Blackburn , and everything is handmade by craftsmen and women with old fashioned attention to detail.


The patterns we designed are set up on the computer which tells the cutting machine the exact dimensions of each part of the product.


The big rolls of fabric are then laid out for cutting


Everything is stitched together and the trims added before being passed along for the final inspection



Boxed up and ready for transport 🇬🇧🇬🇧


Designed , created and Made in Britain to produce a quality product you can keep , and know exactly who made it .


We are always happy to chat to our customers , so if you have any questions about ordering , or about your Hettie product please let us know . We are happy to accept orders for wholesale too. Our email address is



Quintessentially British luxury accessories- for adventures together from rural to city 

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