Guest interview by the Hettie pups Mabel and Bruce - and Patch from The Paw Post

Welcome to our series of interviews by our very own pups - Bruce and Mabel. They have sharpened their pencils and come up with some questions for their fellow pampered pooches which they hope you will enjoy .
Their guest in the hot seat this week is the gorgeous Patch.  We first met his lovely Mum Rachel on Twitter and she has a great blog The Paw Post.
Patch came to his new family after they lost their beloved friend Daisy 
Mabel and Bruce our intrepid repawters caught up with Patch and asked him their important questions 
Mabel thinks you are very handsome - how old are you ?
Thank you very much Mabel, that is very kind of you to say! I will be three in August.
 ( Patch looking dapper in his bow tie in Holborn Taupe from our Hettie Pet Collection. Photo by Sarah Ann Nicholson  )
And tell us about your parents
My mum is very easy for me to get treats from and she is always kissing me and saying how handsome I am. She sometimes (always) lets me in her bed when I knock on the door
I like to take my dad out for a pint a lot. There is a magical pub near me where the dogs are more important than the humans, so lots of bottoms to sniff.
Dad is very kind too and likes taking me on big walks. I’ll tell you a secret too.  His pumps are even worse than mine.
Before Bruce lived with us he had a couple of other homes which he didn’t like as they weren’t very nice to him . Who did you live with before you lived with your Mum and Dad ?
I lived with another family but sadly they weren’t allowed to keep me. I have been very lucky to always live with nice people who love me very much. 
They wrote about me needing a new family on Facebook and my mum saw it. She went crazy apparently, she was so excited, and came to see me a few times.
I thought she was a bit odd at first but I like her now. She sends photos to my old family through the magic rectangle so they know I’m happy and I have been back to see them.
Do you go out visiting nice places ? We love going out with the humans
Yes I do. I love the beach, and a place called Jesmond Dene, a nice park near my house with lots of lovely smells. 
They take me on lots of holidays and sometimes if mum is trying to be slim like me, she takes me running. She’s quite slow, so I get to nibble on cowpats. 
Who is in charge in your house ?
Me, the end.
How often do you get bathed ? Mabel has to be washed quite a lot as they don’t like the stuff she rolls in on a walk sometimes
I have a short coat so I have maybe one or two a week, usually if I have poo on me from running. I don’t like rolling in poo though, just eating it.
Do you get enough treats every day ?
Yes, sometimes I’m so full I can’t eat my dinner.
How well do you have your humans trained ?
They are amazing slaves and were from the moment I walked into their lives.
Do you get annoyed when the front door rings and disturbs your beauty sleep ?
No, I’m a light sleeper and it is usually the postman bringing something for me. My mum likes shopping, particularly if she’s been having the special drink that makes her kiss me!
What special faces do you pull to get what you want ?
I have a big smile that I do when I’m really excited, dad says I look like a Joker!
Do they give you enough room to sleep comfortably on the sofa ?
Yes, if someone tries to get on the sofa and I am sleeping, they have to sit on the floor or another chair. 
Apparently my big sister Daisy who lives in the sky made that rule. She seems to have trained my humans very very well. 
How long are you allowed to play with an annoying squeaky toy ?
As long as I want - I usually try to get the squeaks out of things so I don’t tend to play with them long enough to get annoying! 
What advice would you have for pups who are moving to a different home ?
Do zoomies when you get there for ages and ages, it is exciting moving house, and it means they will take you out to explore.
Sniff out the pet shop and refuse to walk past until you are taken in for a treat, the same for the pub. Don’t let your humans go in any pubs that don’t have treats. 
Find as many bottoms to sniff as possible and if you go off your lead, play nicely with other dogs and go back to your human if they call, then they will let you play whenever you like.
What’s the best thing about owning a human ?
Sausages. We have sausages every Sunday, Daisy the big sister in the sky started the tradition apparently and it makes me very happy. 
I have them on other days of course, but always on a Sunday. 
Are you allowed to go to work with them ? We help Mum a lot and put our paws on the keypad of her computer etc to make her hurry up and take notice of us
Yes, mum works at home so I am always with her, sometimes she has to go and work in another place so she can get some work done! 
And where do you go when they are really bad and go away without you ?
I go to one of my grandparents houses. They don’t take me out as much as my pawrents, and I get lots of cuddles instead.
I still get to go on the sofa and do what I want. One granny, Dad’s mum, even has a special velvet cushion for me to sit on and loves me to sleep in the bed.
Mum’s mum spoils me too and made me a lovely turkey Christmas dinner! I don’t mind them going away as it’s nice to see my older slaves
These lovely photos of me were taken by my pawrents and Jackie Tucker Photography
You can also see more of me and my humans on Mum’s blog 
Bruce and Mabel are always looking for fellow pampered pooches to chat to. They can be reached at
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