Bring your dog to work day and understanding your dog’s behaviour

What a great idea Bring Your Dog to Work day is ! Ours come to work with us every day and do all they can to “ help “



Not all dogs will be used to this different environment and we have teamed up with Sainsburys Bank Money Matters blog for this guide to understanding your dog’s behaviour 


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How Will Your Dog Act in the Office?


Understanding your dog’s behaviour is important, especially if you’re considering taking them to work for Bring Your Dog to Work Day on Friday 21st June. Dogs may show friendliness, or anxiousness, so determining whether they are enjoying an office environment can help both you and your pup prepare for the busy day.


Your dog’s posture can show how excited he or she is. For instance, if their front end is lowered and the tail is wagging, it means they’re excited and ready to play. If the head is high, ears up and mouth open, they’re in an approachable mood, so your co-workers are more than welcome to come over and give your pup a pat.


However, if your dog is in a low position with low growling, that’s their way of saying “back off”.


Paying attention to your dog’s movements and behaviour at work can help you act accordingly, to ensure you’re making them as comfortable as possible.  


See Sainsburys Bank’s guide below for more insight of your dog’s behaviour to inform you on how your dog may be feeling.



Dog behaviour Infographic from Sainsburys Bank  



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