Welcoming new babies to the Hettie family

Introducing our new baby blankets

We are so pleased to be able to introduce you to our new baby blankets !

Made from soft to the skin 100% Merino Lambswool they are a warm and comforting addition to the Hettie family and any child's bed . We have made them in a pretty diamond design in colours of pink and blue. A stunning gift for any new parents and their newborn.

Whether you’re expecting your own bundle of joy , or gifting for new parents , these gorgeous Hettie baby blankets made in the UK are a perfect choice


From our family to yours

The Hettie Collections are all about family. A family brand based around family values. It was a logical choice to bring in something for the new members of the family.

I am a mother and grandmother , and these are the best jobs in the world ! It is so lovely to welcome babies into the family isn't it ? Brand new life and love.

Choose wool

Wool is the perfect material for newborns It is natural, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, as well as being odour and stain resistant. Our baby blankets are woven from the finest lambswool.

Wool is a fabulously eco-friendly material .Naturally biodegradable and sustainable , upon decomposition, the material will break down in soil. Furthermore, wool is naturally produced and is available in abundance.

One of the many amazing features of wool is that helps promote sleep.it makes sleep more restful as the body does not need to spend energy to regulate temperature.Keeping baby thermoregulated snuggled in a Hettie baby blanket will help you all have a precious few more hours sleep

Wool contains lanolin so is naturally antibacterial.And also hypoallergenic and easy to wash. Perfect for little accidents :-) As wool becomes moist, some of the lanolin converts to lanolin-soap, which helps keep the fabric hygienically clean itself.





A perfect fabric for babies and children


And children can be messy can't they ?! Wool repels dirt, making it the perfect material for kids and is also resistant to stains . Our blankets are fully machine washable on a 30 degree wool cycle . Just lay flat to dry  

Did you know that a wool strand consists of three layers: keratin (found in all animal hair and maintains stable body temperature), scales (which push off dirt as they rub together, making wool self cleaning), and finally an outer skin (a filmy, water-resistant, waxy skin that keeps rain out).Nature is so clever isn't it ?!!

If you child has any skin conditions , the natural attributes of wool make it super skin friendly

Yummy mummy handbags

Are you looking for a stylish yummy mummy bag ?

Our Kate tote bags are roomy enough to fit in everything you and baby need for a trip out, without compromising on style .

The largest of our bags , with an individual inside pocket separated into two compartments and a webbing strap for comfort, the Kate tote bag by Hettie is perfect for long days out and about. Big enough to carry all of your essentials , it is an ideal handbag for work , travelling , yummy mummy bag , shopping and sightseeing .

The Kate Bag is 35cm wide and 46cm tall , and the flower is on a detachable brooch so you can ring the changes .


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