We love wool at Hettie . It is a wonderfully friendly fabric and has many benefits.
Some of the wool we use for our collections is sourced from Abraham Moon who have a long history and heritage in Britain and are renowned throughout the world. They weave their stunning wool in one of the last remaining vertical mills in the UK which was established in 1837 , the same year Queen Victoria came to the throne . We also buy from local woollen weavers who have an incredible history and heritage 
We are also proud to be members of The Campaign for Wool -  a global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, in order to raise awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.


 The Woolmark is one of the most renowned textile logos in the world. Created in 1964, the design represents the softness, elegance, and modernity of wool. The value of the Woolmark brand has well established the world over in the apparel, interior textiles and home laundry sectors. When you see the Woolmark on a product it provides you with guaranteed pure new wool content and an assurance that you are purchasing a superior product.

Visit the Woolmark website to find at more at www.merino.com

 Wool has dressed people throughout the ages, from when primitive man first clothed himself in the woolly skins of wild sheep to its use today where its versatility and natural benefits are used in everyday fashion as well as clothing for extreme conditions.

Wool absorbs many different dyes deeply and uniformly meaning that wool fabric is available in every shade. These rich colours offer an infinite choice and possibilities for the fashion industry. 

Natural elasticity 
Wool has a unique crimp providing it with a natural elasticity allowing fabrics to return to their natural shape and be able to resist wrinkles and creasing. 

A wool fibre can be bent back on itself more than 20,000 times without breaking, compared to about 3,000 times for cotton and 2,000 times for silk. This makes woollen fabrics resistant to tearing, additionally the outer skin of wool fibre acts as a protective film giving wool cloth improved resistance to abrasion. 

Wool can easily absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. The ability of wool to absorb moisture makes it comfortable in both warm and cold conditions. By absorbing perspiration, wool enhances the body’s own cooling system and helps keep the skin dry. This characteristic makes wool a versatile all-season fabric. 

UV Protection
Wool has a natural UV protection factor of 30+ in more than 70% of cases, much higher than most synthetics and cotton. 

Flame retardant
The high nitrogen and water content make wool a natural fire retardant fibre which is hard to ignite. Wool also does not melt, drip which is why it is used in protective clothing.