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 As we come to the end of another year we are delighted to be featured in the recent supplement of Estila Magazine- Purpose Driven. Karolina Barnes and her team have curated stories of independent brands , designers and artists showcasing the next generation lifestyle brands that change our shopping habits.

“There is a major change happening in the way how we align our own viewpoints with businesses that serve us.

We’re moving away from profit-driven to purpose-driven business models. I believe that businesses that are purpose-driven are our future, and therefore we need to support them on their business journeys, especially in their early years.

Karolina Barnes, editor in chief

The Hettie family are proud to feature alongside some other wonderful brands in this special supplement . 

After a very successful last year’s annual special edition Estila introduce you to Purpose Driven  “- The next generation lifestyle brands that change our shopping habits”.

Here you find twelve brand stories sharing their ethos on manufacturing in the UK, slow fashion, sustainable living and made by hand products. They hope that it will give you some more insight into what is available on the market, changing your perception of product quality, British craftsmanship and talent we have on our doorstep.



PIPÉT, Hettie, House of Hopstock, Hide The Label, Celtic & Co, Brooks & Sharpe, Tabitha Bargh, MAiK, MyThyn, Lydia Weaves, Weald Handmade, EKA Scents.

“This special edition highlights some of the most talented, creative, forward-thinking and purpose-driven lifestyle brands on the UK market. I hope that by aligning our changing values we can change our shopping habits for a better future.”

Karolina Barnes

 The team at Estila care deeply about our environment and future of our children, something that the Hettie family are passionate about . All printed materials they provide are FSC certified and where possible, they reuse packaging for posting. In their office they try their best to minimise waste, unnecessary printing and use only biodegradable and/or paper supplies. 





As consumers are more aware of who, how and where products are being made, their brand loyalty and alignment is changing rapidly. While big players in the market are slow to identify these changes in consumer behaviour, independent brands and small lifestyle businesses are ahead of the curve by already sharing their ethos. 

The editor’s hope is that readers will learn about such brand stories, opening the eyes to alternatives while aligning to their own beliefs and needs. Change can only happen with awareness. 


The brands featured have been chosen because of their beliefs and values across a few key stories

 Supporting British manufacturing as part of their ethos. At the core of their brand stories, they want to help keep traditional skills, craftsmanship and knowledge, passed on from generation to generation, alive. They understand the importance of British heritage of design and manufacture, and they build their partnerships on trust, reliability and unrivalled quality. Put it simply, they don’t compromise on their values for the sake of making large profits.

The benefits of slow fashion are undoubtedly very positive for the future of people and our planet. But what does it really take for a brand to belong to the slow movement? There are three indicators we, as consumers, can identify with: They have a local rather than global approach. They are transparent about where, how and who makes their products. They make sustainable products (made from sustainable materials using sustainable/ethical processes). Products made by hand. All examples share their passion for craft, skilled trade and traditional methods of handmade, one-of-a-kind production. They appreciate the value of artisanship has on our planet and future generations.


Hettie proudly combines beautiful design with family values and traditional British manufacture. Hettie chose to work with British manufacturers to not only provide superior products to their customers but to support and protect the countries manufacturing history. 



Small businesses, such as the ones  featured in this annual edition, play a vital
role in our economy. They bring together local communities and create employ-
ment opportunities for those who are unable to work for larger organisations.
Furthermore, they innovate and are flexible. They put a heavy emphasis on customer service and loyalty. Isn’t that what we all want from a business who serves our needs? BUT. Statistically, 20% of business fail after the first year, 30% after two years and half of them close after five years*. There are many factors and reasons for this. One of them Karolina keeps hearing in her conversations with business owners is lack of exposure and getting their story heard by customers who want to hear and know about them. Smaller brands have a mountain to climb before they get noticed, if at all. Support from our customers and people like Karolina mean such a lot to the Hettie family


Karolina Barnes says "I hope that after reading these stories you are more aware of what’s out there as an alternative to the high street. Awareness breathes change.
Don’t keep it to yourself. Please spread the word. Thank you "


We are so happy to end the year with this feature . Thankyou all for your support over this last year and we look forward to the brand new year and showing you all some new and exciting changes and updates to our collections 


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