Guest interview with the Hettie pups Mabel and Bruce and Gino and Duke from Guru Pet Food

The Hettie pups Bruce and Mabel have sharpened their pencils and ask some very special questions of their fellow pampered pooches. In the hot seat the this week are Gino and Duke from Guru Pet Food

Handsome duo wearing their Hettie bandanas

1. Hello lovely boys. Mabel thinks you are very handsome - are you brothers?
Oh Mabel, you’re making us blush… HUGE hello to everyone at The Hettie Company, especially
our gorgeous furiends Bruce and Mabel! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen us to sit in your hot seat,
we can’t wait to get started…
We are in fact brothers yes, we were born just over 12 months apart.

2. Tell us about your humans 
Our humans are always busy dashing around making Guru for all our furiends, however they
always find time to play with us.

3. And do you have them well trained?
We’d like to think so… wink!

4. Mum always says that Bruce our boxer is a clown. Do you know what she means?
Absolutely no idea what you’re talking about…!?!

5. And Bruce says that they make a fuss over something called slobber. Do you have this
problem too?
Slobber, we like to refer to it as drool as it’s cool! We drool on a purpose to get more treats,
trust us… it works every time!
6. We help everyone in the office here by getting in the way, putting our paws on the
computer keyboards etc. How do you help your humans at work?
We’re important members of the team at Guru HQ as we’re the original Geeksters and the chief
taste testers.

I (Duke) take my job very seriously, I’m eager to taste test everything, it would be rude not to!


I’m (Gino) super fussy, so if I don’t give the paw of approval then the Geeks don’t launch it. Duke
puts his paw up to everything and anything, his palate isn’t as refined as mine.


7. What do your parents do ?

Mum and Dad are the founders of Guru Pet Food.

8. We have some of your yummy Guru food every day and we love it. Apparently, we look very fit and healthy on it- is it special? 
We love our Cold Pressed food, it’s super nutritious and full of cold pressed oils which are great for our skin and coat. Plus, it’s delicious too.
I (Duke) love all three recipes - Surf & Turf, Full on Feast and the Tasty the Tasty Tucker,in fact give me them all together ....schlurrrp !

My (Gino) absolute fave is the Surfy Turfy. We both like our Guru dry straight from the bag,
mixed with water as a porridge and we love it frozen as ice-lollies too!

9. Are you allowed to play with an annoying squeaky toy? 
I (Gino) don’t like to play with toys, I much prefer my ball. Whereas Duke lurrrrvs squeaky toys,
in fact he isn’t satisfied until he’s killed the squeak, which is usually within the first 5 minutes.

10. Does the front doorbell ringing annoy you?
What’s a front doorbell, do you know Gino? People knock at the door regularly and we have a
race to see who can get there first! We both like to welcome everyone with a whip of our tails
and smother them with kisses, we think we’d make great guard dogs but Dad’s not so sure!

11. Do you have your own sofa, or do they share with you and have to fit around you?
We have our own baskets to go to sleep in at night, but more often than not we like to snuggle
in the one basket together. During the day we’re so tired from dashing around, we like to snooze on our bean bags. Mum received a bean bag as a birthday present, but we soon claimed it for ourselves.

12. Apparently, Bruce snores but Mabel doesn’t mind. Our pawrents say they can’t hear the telly
while this is happening. Do you have this problem too? 
Yes I hold my paws up I snore sometimes, but Gino’s too much of a gentleman to snore.

13. Do you have long tails or short ones?
We have long tails that are pawfect for whipping those people who knock on the door with. It’s our way of saying hello and welcome !

14. Do they pay you enough in treats?
Put it this way, they can’t ever say they’re out of treats as there’s a whole warehouse full of
them! Luckily this is where our whipping tails come in handy - give us the treats or we'll whip you with our tails ...haha !!

15. Where do you go when they do that annoying thing and leave you at home while they go
The humans don’t get away often but when they do, they like to take us with them of course.
When we let them go away without us, our Grandma comes to stay and Auntie Geekster Sam comes to visit us every day, they’re just the best xx



  Mabel and Bruce love to meet fellow pampered pups. They can be contacted at


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