Guest Interview by the Hettie pups with Bryan the miniature dachshund

Welcome to our series of interviews by Hettie's very own pups - Bruce and Mabel. They have sharpened their pencils and come up with some questions for their fellow pampered pooches which they hope you will enjoy .

In the hot seat this week is Bryan the miniature dachshund from Wales . We love Bryan and you can see him and his adventures on Instagram here
Hello lovely boy . Mabel thinks you are very handsome . How old are you ?
Aw thank you Mabel! That’s very sweet. 
I’ve just turned 4 years old.

Tell us about your humans
I live with my mummy. She’s called Ali & she’s the best. She takes me to work with her as much as she can, as it’s a lot more fun for me to be with her than at home on my own.

And do you have them well trained ?
Yes Mummy is very well trained, she is obsessed with me! I do what I want, she can’t say no to me hee hee

Bruce wants to know why your legs are so short. He has really big long legs and when Mabel was a puppy she could run underneath his tummy. 
Aww that’s so cute Mabel use to run underneath your tummy Bruce! 
My legs are so short & stumpy, it makes it hard to get anywhere fast! Mummy says it’s because I’m a sausage, so what I lack in leg length, I make up for in body length! & that means I had an extra long tummy to fit more food in.
Are you allowed to play with an annoying squeaky toy ? 
Mummy is always getting me squeaky toys & balls but I’m not a fan of playing with toys. I’m more of the lie down & chill type of dog. Why run round after a toy, when you can Lie down on a comfort blanket & chew it?! 

Does the front door bell ringing annoy you ?
Yes, anyone coming to my door really annoys me. The post man is the worse, he’s here everyday. I bark & bark at him but he just doesn’t seem to be getting the message not to come back! 

Do you have your own sofa or do they share with you and have to fit around you ? 

I have my own mini armchair & I have 10 beds in various rooms around the house but I still spend most of my time on mummy’s bed or her sofa. They are just comfier, you know?

Apparently Bruce snores but Mabel doesn’t mind. Our pawrents say they can’t hear the telly while this is happening. Do you have this problem too ? 
I’m a very quiet sleeper actually, mummy says the only noise I make is sometimes when I’m dreaming, I make little squeaks (but she says she thinks that’s really sweet). 

Where is your favourite walk ?
I love walking along our local canal. It’s always really quiet there & it’s a nice, clean path so no mud & no obstacles to jump over.
Who is in charge in your house ?
Mummy seems to think it’s her but we both know I decide what we do & when.

Are you paid enough in treats ? 
Never! It’s only very rarely I get special treats like chicken & cheese. I’m such a good boy, I think I should have them every day! 

What is your opinion on fox poo ? Mabel LOVES it but it makes the humans cross when she rolls in it.
I have only recently discovered fox poo & I love it! Although I try to avoid it now as it always ends up in me having to have a bath (which I don’t like!).

Do your humans work to your routine ok - for example getting up in time to attend to your needs ?
No, mummy always makes me get up way too early in the morning! I wish she would stop getting up so early & just let me choose the time to get out of bed. We never get enough sleep.
Do they have any really annoying habits ?
Mummy’s most annoying habit is making me go for walks everyday. We don’t need to go everyday surely? I don’t mind the occasional walk, but most days, I just want to stay in & have a snooze.

What is the most rewarding thing about owning a human ?
The cuddles! I can get cuddles & tickles all day long.

Are you good at sulking ? We are if they tell us off or stop us digging in the garden .
I sulk if mummy goes on her laptop or phone when we are going to bed. She knows that time is for Bryan tummy tickles. So I sit facing away from her until she puts the technology away! 

Where do you go when they do that really annoying thing and go away without you ?
I go straight upstairs & jump into mummy’s bed. Then go under the duvet & have a sleep until she returns.

We get really cross if they start moving stuff around in our garden. We like things to stay the same . What do you think ?
Yes, it’s very annoying. Mummy has blocked certain parts of the garden off so I can’t get to it, I’m not sure why as it’s my garden, so I should be able to go where I want to!

And should birds be allowed to land in your garden ?
Absolutely not! I watch them coming into the garden from my conservatory window & bark at them but I don’t think they hear me. I also have some naughty cats that walk through the garden, the cheek of it! I go extra barky when I see them.

Bryan is wearing our Hettie dog coat in Arncliffe Moonstone Such a dapper gent 💙

Mabel and Bruce are always happy to chat to their fellow pampered pooches . If you would like them to interview you they can be contacted here 

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