A message from our family to yours in these challenging times


I just wanted to get in touch at this challenging time and send a note from our family to yours .

 Recent events and the rapid spread of the coronavirus are showing us just how precious life is , and also that it is the time for us all to come together in support of each other . Hettie has always been about family values and togetherness and we are thinking of you all. We have vulnerable people in our own family who need to distance themselves at this difficult time, and family and friends who will be struggling with job security . 

 Simple things will now be more important than ever, and as always, taking notice and breathing in the glorious world around us will help enormously. This has always inspired everything in our Hettie Collections. Be mindful , calm and kind and don’t live in fear- and perhaps this will be a reset button on all of our lives .

 Our website is always open and our collections will offer comfort and bring you and your family closer to nature as always . We will be continuing to post happy and sunshine photos on our social channels to brighten the gloom. 

This wonderful message which I saw today is so true !

 Use the time to think and recharge . Stay safe and dream new images and sunshine days will return. Siân x

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