Spring newness with Hettie


NEW vibrant throws now here in our our Home Collection.

Inspired by the colours of Spring and it's wonderful flowers, and in plain Herringbone or pretty check designs


I love bluebells ! I can see them coming up now in my garden and on woodland walks with the dogs .

With their deep violet blue flowers, bluebells are bell-shaped with six petals and up-turned tips. These sweet-smelling flowers nod or droop to one side of the flowering stem (known as an inflorescence) and have creamy white-coloured pollen inside. Some bluebell flowers can be white or pink.

They have inspired our new Hettie Bluebell throws in check and herringbone design


Spring greens

The vibrant lime green and pink colours of our new Hettie Spring Green throws perfectly compliment our Hettie Riverside Collection.

At this time of year , the buds of the new spring flowers and plants are starting to open , heralding better and brighter days ahead.


Blossom days

I love seeing the blossom coming out on the trees. So pretty !

Cherry pink blossom has inspired our new Hettie blossom throws in check and herringbone design . The gorgeous colours of blossom trees and their pink and white hues perfectly compliment our Hettie Woodland Collection.

Not all cherry blossom is pink. While pink is the colour most people associate with cherry blossom, it tends to change from dark pink, to light pink, to white when fully in bloom. Some varieties even begin as a greenish yellow colour before changing to white and then to pink.


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