Spring has sprung with Hettie

Bringing the inside out

The Spring weather here in the UK has been absolutely beautiful over this last week. And I love being outside as much as possible in the sunshine !

We have some beautiful colours in our Home Collection at the moment. Cherry pink and apple blossom vibes to brighten up Spring days and make cosy spaces to enjoy the outdoors on chillier days.

Pretty pinks , and fresh greens to brighten your day , and make the most of being able to be outside in the longer days.


Blossom days

I love seeing the blossom coming out on the trees. So pretty !

Not all cherry trees bear fruit. In fact, many ornamental varieties of the cherry tree have been bred to produce more flowers and, in some cases, don’t produce fruit at all. Most of the flowering cherry trees we see in UK parks and streets are valued for their flowers, with the cherries they produce small and bitter – not great for people but a good snack for the birds.

And not all cherry blossom is pink. While pink is the colour most people associate with cherry blossom, it tends to change from dark pink, to light pink, to white when fully in bloom. Some varieties even begin as a greenish yellow colour before changing to white and then to pink.

Did you know that there are around 200 varieties of cherry blossom ? When you look at cherry blossom gently perched on the tree in the fields, you probably think they’re all the same flower. You may notice the different shades from tree to tree, which is often the different variety of cherry blossom that has grown there.

The peak blossoming season for the cherry blossom trees is usually Spring. The date does vary from year to year, but you can always tell spring is here by the gorgeous pink blossoms on the trees. This is the perfect time for you to embrace the pretty pink petals and add a touch of Spring to your home

In Japan, there is a cherry blossom tree that is believed to be over 2,000 years old! This spectacular cherry blossom tree lives within the grounds of the Jissou Temple in Yamanashi, maintained and cared for by a dedicated team.

Hettie's woollen throw collection

Perfect throws for snuggling under and having a snooze , draping over your chair , over your bed linen as an extra layer , or for taking on a picnic.

Made using pure new wool, our Hettie throws are beautifully soft but durable , and are a stunning addition to your lifestyle and home


Designed by nature and woven in England

Pretty Crocus fabric

A pretty and stylish handbag , our Hettie bag is small and elegant. A perfect grab bag for everyday .

This lovely crocus fabric is perfect for Spring days with it's pink and mauve colour palette reminiscent of woodland crocuses

There are feet on the bottom to help keep it in great condition and an inside pocket helps you organise your essentials. The Hettie Bag is 31cm wide and 22cm tall and the flower is on a detachable brooch so you can ring the changes .


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