The Hettie collections have been inspired by the wonderful things we see around us everyday . Classic British accessories, inspired by our local British landscape. All of the materials used reflect the natural colour tones found within the British countryside. For country style living with high quality, luxury accessories inspired by nature.

Help contribute to more sustainable living and care for the planet for future generations




Woodland Collection-   A reminder of peaceful stillness

This lovely collection is inspired by our adventures in the woods. Calm and quiet, but full of changing life. We wanted to capture the stunning backdrop of the trees against the glorious flowers and leaves which change throughout the seasons. We created this collection to remind us of the feelings we have when walking in the woods.

Did you know that after a walk in the woods your focus and attention significantly improves? This is because nature shifts our minds to a more relaxed and passive mode, allowing our concentration to replenish. A good walk in the woods gives the necessary boost to cope with the demands of everyday life.

Whether you love soft, pastel lavender or richer, darker bluebell tones, our Woodland Collection sends you back to your favourite spot in the woods. From cushions and scarves made from ethically sourced wool to your everyday crossbody bag, you will be reminded of nature's peaceful stillness everywhere you go.




Woodland Collection