A fresh new start

Happy new year !

What a strange year 2020 was ! We will all be glad to see the back of it , and be able to look forward to hopefully some more positive days ahead.  

Coronavirus has trapped us all in a very different world and made us reassess so many things. And normal life and it's challenges have continued in the middle of this uncertainty. This year , we learnt that are homes are safe havens , and our communities ,family and friends are everything . And also that kindness matters the most. Long may this continue .

I wish you all a very happy , healthy and positive new year , and a hope that we will all be able to spend quality time again with our loved ones soon.

Sian x


New Year's resolutions

Do you make New Year resolutions ?

I always try to , and even if we don't keep them its a great way of focussing on the good things in life. Now is a good time to be the change that the world needs at the moment .

Here are some of our Hettie resolutions :

Think about the world around you

Be kind

Buy British

Freshen up your home and lifestyle




Think about the world around you

Consider all of your choices when making a purchase

Much is being discussed at the moment about climate change and sustainabilty.

Here at Hettie we believe it is time to start thinking about the world around us and at everything we do. We are all guilty of having too much "stuff " and wasting too much .

The philosophy "Buy less , choose well , make it last " is very true.


Be kind


"The wonderful thing is that it’s so incredibly easy to be kind" – Ingrid Newkirk

Wise words , and so true of the past year. Kindness is so important, and helping others has kept everything going during tough days. A phone call , text , knocking a neighbour's door - it all helps to check in with someone . And we have all had our own strange thoughts during last year and the lockdown periods . Tough times indeed .  



Buy British

For future generations. Buy British , reduce your carbon footprint and support local people when you make purchases. Be the change we all need this year.

We want you to treasure the things you buy from us for a long time , and know the story behind our brand.

Hettie is actively against fast fashion and proud to focus on an industry that uses traditional craft and quality - and support our wonderful British heritage and manufacturers along the way Buying better quality garments means they will last longer .

Our British made collection value fair treatment of our wonderful British craftsmen and women , the animals and our planet.



One of the lovely things to come out of lockdown was that people started to look around at their homes more.
Just changing things around a bit , and refreshing with soft furnishings can make such a difference to your living space. And choosing from our nature inspired home collections will breathe positive emotions into your home and life.
Browse our Hettie Home collection and choose from our range of luxury cushions and throws .


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