Fresh new ideas with Hettie

Introducing new fabrics and textures into our much loved collections  

Building on our Made in Britain label , we have discovered some fabulous new British made textile companies and introduced their lovely fabrics into our much loved designs.

We have launched our new range using these new fabrics , and incorporated them into our trio of collections inspired by nature and our surroundings. Pretty updates to our handbags , junior accessories and pet collection.


On our blog this week

You can read all about the wonderful history of our two newest suppliers here. Both proudly Made in Britain and building on a rich heritage steeped in tradition .

We are delighted to introduce these lovely fabrics into our collections

Textures and colours in everyday life

Textures and materials that reference nature often have the ability to resonate positively with people. We have based our collections around our natural surroundings and the things that we see everyday .

The fabrics we use have a natural authenticity that we connect with.

“Each of us seeks to thrive in our everyday lives. Color can be one of the simplest and most effective routes to creating an environment that inspire us.” - Lisbeth Larsen, Global Color Manager, Jotun.

A Day out with Hettie

We are gradually returning to normal and able to get out a bit more after this lockdown period.

We thought it would be nice to take you on a trip to one of our favourite places this time of year normally - Cotswold Lavender


Thoughts for our future generations after this last week or so

This week especially everyone has been thinking about what is going on in our world .⁠
We have enough to worry about without the awful things happening that we are seeing on the news over the past few days. ⁠
⁠Why can't we all just be kinder and more thoughtful ? Life is too short . ⁠

We know how privileged we are as a family and offer solidarity to those fighting for a better world for them and their families today. We need to start taking care so that our children have a safe environment to live in .⁠

This caption by  @ohhappydani says it all. The problems need to be fixed inside all of us and the messages instilled into everyone at home. It is not up to others , but our duty to teach our children to be thoughtful and kind. ⁠Very much the values and ethos of our Hettie brand .

We have a chance to press the reset button after the lessons we have all learnt throughout this pandemic .⁠

“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr⁠



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