Guest Interview by Mabel and Bruce with Lily

Welcome to our series of interviews by our very own pups - Bruce and Mabel. They have sharpened their pencils and come up with some questions for their fellow pampered pooches which they hope you will enjoy .

Their  guest in the hot seat this time  is beautiful Lily .

Her Dad is Graeme from the TV show The Dogfather  . We love watching and learning from Graeme , and Bruce and Mabel also like to watch . Lily had a birthday recently and her lovely Mum Elinor bought her a new collar from our Hettie Pet Collection 

Bruce and Mabel caught up with Lily after her birthday celebrations and got to know a bit more about her and her pawrents.

Tell us about your pawrents
They're ok. They pay the rent. Actually I quite like them ( but DON"T tell them I said that )

Who is really in charge in your house 
Me. Obvs !

Do they pay you enough in treats 
Never . But humans never do darling !
How long are you allowed to play with an annoying squeaky toy 
Not long . They don't seem to like it but they keep buying them for me. Weirdos !

Do your pawrents have any really annoying habits 
See above re treats and toys 

Where do you go when they don’t that terrible thing humans do and go away without you 
I stay here and Aunty Karina comes to stay . I need to be attended to and one has standards you know !
We we would love to see some of the best faces you pull , for example 
I'm coming too right ?
Can I have some of that ?
You want me to sit now ??
We always find it best to behave perfectly when no one else is looking . Do you agree 
No . I'm actually perfectly behaved. They just THINK I'm not
Do you ever go to work with your Mum or Dad
I go most with Mum . She's an accountant. Dogs don't understand what accountants do. Neither do humans .

Have you ever ever met anyone for famous ( apart from Dad ? )
What is "famous "....? Am I ?
Bruce and Mabel think you are famous Lily . You seem to be featuring more than Dad on his Instagram page 
Bruce is a very good snorer . Do you snore and when do you get up on the sofa with them 
Certainly not. But I do pass wind. I store it up for when I am cuddling on the sofa with Mum.

What's your opinion on fox poo ? Mabel LOVES it 

What's the most rewarding thing about owning a human 
Training them. Their little faces when they get it right , priceless
Do you have any other friends that might like to spill the beans on their human to us 
My neighbours are Betty the Cockapoo and Timmy the Cocker Spaniel. I'mm ask over the fence next time I see them . 





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