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I don’t know about you , but I absolutely love buying gifts for people. And then watching them unwrap them.



We are coming very close to the best gifting season of all - Christmas , and it’s time to start getting some ideas . Sit down with a cuppa and browse though our website for some perfect inspiration this year 



We have a range of choices starting at just £15 for hair bobbles  and dog collar accessories , up to the more luxurious handbags and dog coats. Our collections include handbags , accessories , the pet collection , and children's accessories .

Born and manufactured in the UK Hettie combines beautiful design, with family conscious values and ethical responsibility... resulting in a stunning collection of Made in England lifestyle accessories.

Our  collection has a real English charm about it and our products bring not only joy to customers but a feel-good factor too. Whether a gift for a loved one or a treat for one's self, there is something for everyone within this classic, everlasting collection.

Be a little different this year - you could even shop for twinning looks for all of the family !

           Our stunning pet collection means that no one is left out .Whether you are looking for stand-alone accessories or you and your pet and family are looking for complimentary looks, Hettie offers a unique range to cater for the two-legged and four-legged, fashionable elite. 

And our our beautiful choices of fabric mean you are spoilt for choice. 

Classic British accessories, inspired by the local British landscape. All of the materials used are biodegradable, eco-friendly and reflect the natural colour tones found within the British countryside. Made from the finest British wool all of Hettie's products are natural, classic and timeless.


 And don't forget our Gifting Collection of gift cards and stunning gift boxes

The History of Gift Wrapping 

It was the Japanese furoshiki, a reusable wrapping cloth from the Edo period, which started the practice of wrapping presents ages ago. In Korea, the bojagi, a square piece of fabric, has seen use since the Three Kingdoms Period. In the west, affluent Victorians used thick, decorative paper, along with ribbons and lace, to cover presents as a practice of luxury.

During the early 20th century, tissue paper in assortments of red, green and white concealed presents until they were opened. Stores echoed this practice, choosing to wrap customers’ items in a more practical alternative: Manila papers.

But decorative paper, to serve the purpose of gift wrapping, rose to popularity in the United States back in 1917, moving away from the aforementioned materials by accident. In Kansas City, Missouri, two brothers, Joyce and Rollie Hall, were running a stationery store and ran out of the standard tissue paper due to the holiday season.

In need of wrapping paper to use, the pair found a stack of ‘fancy French paper’ meant for lining envelopes. They placed the paper up for sale at $0.10 a sheet and it sold out. This trend continued on for the next couple of years before the two began producing and selling their own printed, decorative paper for gift wrapping. By thinking outside the box, both figuratively and literally, the duo gave birth to an industry.

We will be using sustainable gift wrap this year printed on recycled paper. There are some lovely options available and a great idea to avoid waste.



If you need any helping choosing a gift for someone just drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help.


Enjoy  your shopping 🛍 



quintessentially British made accessories for adventures together from rural to city 

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