A trip to the French market with Hettie

We travel as a family to our little second home in France throughout the  year, and spend a few months there in the summer . It is our happy place , and a place to completely switch off. The dogs come too , and various friends and family arrive at different times 

 You can read a little bit more about our little piece of France here 

One of the things that we love about our stays in France is visiting the fantastic French markets . These are a huge part of life in France and an integral part of France's famed tradition of good eating. A real French tradition.

There is a fresh fruit , vegetable and food market somewhere nearby every day of the week so it is possible to choose something to cook dinner fresh daily. 

Stalls offer local products straight from the farm , standing alongside cheese stalls , fruit and vegertable stalls and wine . Even in Paris , fruit and vegetable markets can be found in every district of the city 

Our local market in St Antonin Noble Val is very popular during summer months and we love to go along each Sunday. Colourful , vibrant and full of life and the whole family enjoy visiting . There are sometimes rides for the children and games to play too , and little stalls selling things to spend pocket money on ! Jewellery and toys are a favourite .

And we love the local artists Claude Nicaud and Sophie Cosnier who paint such stunning photos of the surroundings . Well worth a visit to their shop and studio 


The local pottery market in Caylus is also something we enjoy every year in the square . The area is famous for it's artisans and pottery and there is always something different to choose .

Of course , you need a good bag to carry home all of your goodies. Our Hettie tote bag is always perfect - even room inside for some freshly baked baguettes !




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