A very Happy Easter from our family to yours

A long weekend , and finally we can see each other!

Happy Easter everyone ! And what a special one it will be this year.

Finally we will be able to meet up in our groups of six people outside in our gardens and in outdoor spaces.

And we will be able to have our family Easter egg hunts with the children, adults and of course the dogs in our garden this year .

Let's hope the weather will be kind to us all.



A long walk together to walk off the easter eggs

There is nothing better than having a big meal together , then everyone putting on their walking boots , gathering up the dogs , and going for a long walk together down by the river.

And it's a great way to walk off all the extra calories in the Easter eggs :-)


Time for chocolate

I love chocolate ! Cadburys Dairy Milk in particular . When I was a little girl we used to call it " Gran's favourite chocolate " , and now it is the same thing to my grandchildren .

These pretty eggs were in a shop window in a little village in France near our holiday home there. French patisserie window displays are always stunning .

Eastertime is traditionally all about the new season , hot cross buns , spring greens, and, of course, Easter eggs. The humble egg has been used by many cultures and religions throughout history as a symbol of new life and new beginnings.

JS Fry of Bristol made the first chocolate egg in the UK in 1873, with Cadbury launching its version two years later.  

An Easter egg hunt around the garden is a family tradition that we all enjoy.


The best dressed garden party guests

For pups who have been invited out for the day to a garden party , make it a very special occasion by choosing something to wear from our Hettie Pet Colllection.

Choose from our gorgeous selection of collars and leads , and beautiful coats and harnesses made from the finest British fabrics .

Spending time in our garden

Gardening is such a lovely hobby. We are a family of gardeners , and I find time spent outside in the fresh air making a garden so relaxing .

And watching it grow through the changing seasons through the windows is lovely also. This time of year , the windows are open and the outside becomes part of our inside space.

A comfy chair , one of our cosy throws and cushions and a good book are perfect for the longer days this time of year


Delivering flowers and Easter eggs


Visiting family and friends is going to be extra special this year after the many months of not being able to see each other ! Grab one of our pretty handbags to take presents of easter eggs and flowers for your reunion



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