Flower power and inspiration from nature

Inspired by petals

We love nature and being surrounded by it outside. It is where we get our inspiration for the Hettie collections from.

Our family are very fortunate to live in the glorious Warwickshire countryside , and we also have a big garden. Flowers are all around us throughout the seasons , and they have inspired us to use them in our designs.

From flower accessories for your dog's collar , to detachable brooches on our handbags , and pretty flower hair bobbles , we have used them in our different colour palettes as lovely additions to your outfit



Detachable brooches on all of our handbags

Ring the changes with the pretty flower brooches on our Hettie handbags . You can take them off to use on your lapel , and they look great as hat pins also .

Brooches have evolved considerably from their beginnings in the ancient world. Brooches were used in a functional capacity to fasten or secure articles of clothing.

Nowadays brooches can be found in an array of designs featuring an array of precious metals, colourful gemstones, fine enameling, engraving and carving. Due to their versatile nature brooches can and have been worn on hats, scarves, overcoats, ball gowns, sashes, belts and even as pendants.

How will you style your Hettie flower brooch ?

Twinning with your best friend

Pretty up do's


We have a lovely selection of hair bobbles in a variety of stunning fabrics at Hettie.

They match the flower brooches on our handbags , and the flower accessories for our dog collars for a perfect twinning look

Made in Britain and something a little bit different for your hair styling.

We are offering a free matching hair bobble this week with all handbags purchased. Use code HETBOB at checkout and add your Hettie hair bobble .


Glorious petals and and nature's detail

Many flowers are highly scented with brightly coloured petals so as to attract pollinators like insects and birds. The pollinators feed on the nectar and help in distribution from pollen grains from anthers to stigma of the same plant or another plant.

I love gardening and growing flowers . It is so relaxing being in the garden pottering. And it's wonderful to see the bees and butterflies arriving and enjoying our flowers .

One of my favourites in summer is Echinops or globe thistle, which has spiky leaves and bristly, round flowerheads. The spiny, cobwebbed leaves provide interest from spring until the striking spherical blooms appear in late summer.





A visit to Highgrove gardens

Have you ever visited Highgrove Gardens ?

We went last year and absolutely loved it. What a beautiful garden ! Definitely worth a visit.

Highgrove is the private residence of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. Since 1980 when the Prince of Wales first arrived at Highgrove, His Royal Highness has devoted much energy to transforming the gardens around the house, which are renowned as some of the most inspiring and innovative in the United Kingdom.

And all profits from the sale of Highgrove products , garden tours and events are donate to the Prince of Wales's charitable fund.

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