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Time for a change in habits

None of us feel we can plan , so this Christmas feels more important than ever to choose the perfect present .

And  there has never been a better time to Buy British !

Let's take this opportunity to change our shopping habits , and really think carefully about our purchasing decisions.

And don't get sucked into the Black Friday type deals which are actually overpriced throughout the whole year for this purpose.

Hettie was born from a passion for traditional British fabrics and a respect for old fashioned craftsmanship. Made in the UK, every Hettie accessory is crafted from the finest local materials, by British craftsmen and women, with a passion for hand-craftsmanship. Whether you are accessorising yourself, or your four legged companion, you are taking home your own piece of British heritage in every purchase. 


Why not choose to buy British ?

We are going through unprecedented changes at the moment , with the pandemic and Brexit .

It is becoming more important to consumers to know exactly what they are getting when spending their money. When you buy from a British brand like Hettie you known exactly who made your products , and the story behind them.

Let's put something back into our economy too and support British brands where we can.


The times , they are a changing

There are almost certainly going to be price increases in everything we buy following the changes in Britain's VAT rules on January 1st .

And also likely a reduction in choice as many European businesses may decide to stop selling in Britain. At the moment a Briton can go on Amazon and buy pretty much any product that is available in the EU, This will not be the case after January 1st.

Time to change your shopping habits and discover all of the wonderful home grown brands you can buy from !



Hettie's British made lifestyle brand

A luxury British brand, handcrafted in England , Hettie unites fashion-forward British design with traditional hand-craftsmanship.

Born and manufactured in the UK Hettie combines beautiful design, with family conscious values and ethical responsibility, resulting in a stunning collection of Made in England family lifestyle accessories.

The planet and the country can't withstand the current manufacturing model. Hettie is doing what we can to ensure the products we create, stand the test of time and become a valued possession to our customers, not just another throwaway purchase.

Help us keep real British craftsmanship alive by investing in our quintessentially British accessories.


Built to last

This illustration by Make it British shows perfectly the difference between buying well to make it last .

We want you to treasure the things you buy from us for a long time. The inspiration behind the Hettie collections is to create timeless pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Hettie is actively against fast fashion , and prefers to focus on traditional craft and quality.

Help to contribute to more sustainable living and care for the planet for future generations



Hettie are delighted to collaborate with Love British Food on our Instagram giveaway this week

" Our aim is simple encourage people to discover the diverse and delicious food made in Britiain , and to actively seek it out on menus and in shopping isles.

In doing so we hope to secure a robust market for British food that makes it viable for farmers and producers to continue to invest in farming and domestic food production because they will feel confident in consumer demand for their product.
This is our passion."



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